Vincent De Grandi | Undated
Oil on canvas | 22 x 34 cm
Period 1969-1984 : The beauty of the
imaginary world | Landscape | Characters
Inventory VDG-16 | Private
collection Photo L'Atelier De Grandi


Artistic features


Three young girls dancing in the wind on an imaginary beach dotted with leaves and fruit.


Recalls of moving curves


Oil on canvas

"The technique [of oil painting] remains traditional, smooth and fine, with a great suppleness of touch [more suggestive than descriptive], a delicate refinement of matter."
Georges Peillex, Exhibition catalogue p. 46



1969-1984: The beauty of the world

With the independence acquired for their children, Italo and Vincent also find their own: they leave graphic arts and silkscreen printing and blossom in plastic creation. Vincent expresses his imagination mainly through oil painting and drawing, exclusively in his studio: looking at Vincent's painting is to discover a totally original touch and palette, in the service of unexpected compositions.

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