Nude in the back chair

Wilhelm Gimmi | 1930
Oil on canvas | 73.5 x 60.5 cm
Parisian period (1908-1940)
Inventory 11-GIM-0020 | Wilhelm Gimmi Foundation
Photo: Julien Gremaud, Vevey


Artistic features


Nude sitting from behind

1930: femininity in force, framed in the light, although still hesitant to leave its frame.


Framing | Framed Spiral

The chair is well anchored in the foreground, framing the nude. This ensemble stands out against a background whose restricted perspective is not very engaging, although one can see an exit to the left.
The position of the nude, slightly spiralling from the hips to the head, is accentuated by the angle of the arms, which reinforces its upward movement, as if the figure is finally going to get up to take possession of its own space and leave this place.
This dynamic geometrisation of the subject strongly differentiates the painting from thesketch.


Oil on canvas


Pallets 34 Gim Nu Back Chair 2
Dominant: 11831906

In its early days, various influences point under the fabric of its dense and laborious polychromies. They are portraits of women, muted harmonies whose dark tones suggest the rich material of velvet and silk.
Nesto Jacometti, Exhibition catalogue p. 83


Light and not "lighting"

Light at Gimmi plays an important role. A nourished light that circulates in the depths of space, awakening trailing blondes, provoking silvery miracles here and there, animating the discreet fabric of its harmonies with unexpected bursts.
Nesto Jacometti, Exhibition catalogue p. 87



Parisian period (1908-1940)

Artistic current:

Personal Synthesis

Through daily practice, Wilhelm Gimmi has developed his art by bringing it into line with a natural intelligence. He worked and exercised his qualities like others make new tools adapted to their research. All these approaches, whether drawing or painting, crystallized in a search for beauty on a human scale. This quest remained imbued with a moral vision of existence marked also by the pride of being an independent artist (Freischaffende Künstler).
Richard Aeschlimann, President of the Wilhel Gimmi Foundation

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Nude in the back chair

W Gimmi: Nude at the HD Back Chair