Italo De Grandi | Undated Wrought
iron | 14 x 29 x 12 cm
Period 1969-1984: The beauty of the
world Inventory IDG-F03 | Private
collection Photo L'Atelier De Grandi


Artistic features


Architectural Mask

"So Italo De Grandi stroked the things that fell into his hand or under his gaze like a true dreamer who could easily cross the surface of objects and beings to distinguish their internal structure and immediately imagine their destiny, their exact place in the world."
Florian Rodari, Exhibition catalogue p. 92


Beaten iron



1969-1984: The beauty of the world

With the independence gained for their children, Italo and Vincent also find their own: they leave graphic arts and silkscreen printing and blossom in the plastic arts. Vincent expresses his imagination mainly through oil painting and drawing, exclusively in his studio. Italo, always on the subject, pursues his contemplation of landscape, his wonder in front of nature, and goes from oil painting to washing through watercolour, tempera, charcoal, lead pencil or sanguine and is initiated to sculpture in wrought iron.

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Italo: Mask