Young woman taking off her stocking

Italo De Grandi | Undated
Watercoloured blood on paper | 13 x 12 cm
Period 1985-1988: Reminiscences and fantasy
Imaginary | Naked
Inventory IDG-901 | Private Collection
Photo L'Atelier De Grandi


Artistic features


Vision of femininity

Imaginary snapshot of a familiar female gesture.


Crossed triangles


Watercoloured blood on paper

For this nude Italo chooses the sanguine which allows him not only a rendering combining a minimal line with delicate, almost pictorial hatching, but also to give a certain warmth of tone to the intimacy of this scene.



1985-1988: Reminiscences and fantasy

In the crucible of his quest within reality, Italo reconnects with the imagination of his youth, using here the sanguine: he continues his contemplation of the female body by exalting its coherence and freedom, as well as its human fragility.

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Young woman taking off her stocking