Standing Nude

Italo De Grandi | Undated Umber
Tempera on paper | 48 x 18 cm
Period 1985-1988: Reminiscences and fantasy
Imaginary | Nude
Inventory IDG-897 | Private collection


Artistic features


Young woman getting dressed

Italo here seizes the fleeting grace of femininity. The subject almost fades away in the face of the energetic economy of implementation.


Single figure

A solitary central figure, energized by the ascending gestures of one hand towards the other, accentuating the intimacy of this moment.


Umber tempera on paper

This is water tempera: pigments of a single colour - here a "umber" brown - are added to water, forming a monochrome watercolour base.


Dominant: 12759453

Although it is a monochrome tempered wash, different degrees of dilution in water and various drying and layering phases allow the painter to create an atmosphere of subtle transparencies. The brushstroke is quick and essential: it suggests more than it draws (especially in the upper part, the folds of the garment and the hands).


Global | Ethereal

A global light includes almost multi-directional, almost shadow-free lighting. In this imaginary composition, the lightness and transparency of the contrasts between light and shadows contributes greatly to the intimacy of the scene.



1985-1988: Reminiscences and fantasy

In the crucible of his quest within reality, Italo reconnects with the imaginary by using the often large-format wash: so many scenes he enjoys with tenderness and nostalgia.

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Standing Nude