Chapel and ruin in the lière

Italo De Grandi | Undated
Charcoal on watercolour background | 24 x 35 cm
Period 1969-1984: The beauty of the world
Inventory IDG-84 | Private
collection Photo L'Atelier De Grandi


Artistic features


Old buildings abandoned to the onslaught of nature

"Contemplation reveals the spirit. Communication requires means. Those of Italo De Grandi follow the classical rules, at least for two reasons, the first of which corresponds to his constant attitude: to manifest without exaltation, in a controlled fervour, what he called the mystery of things. The other is rooted in his humanist vow: to overcome, at all costs, the conflicts of nature and culture, bringing together their contradictions through the subtle mediations of harmony."
Gilbert Vincent, Exhibition catalogue p. 208/209


Multiple figures governing the sequence of shots


Charcoal on watercolour background

For this scene Italo abandons the pencil in favour of charcoal, because the latter allows him to render the subject with extreme precision, and at the same time to treat the surrounding nature with an almost pictorial touch: the balance of these two techniques results from the mere presence of values (the shades of grey of the charcoal in the absence of colour), supported by the slightly watercoloured background.



1969-1984: The beauty of the world

With the independence acquired for their children, Italo and Vincent also find their own: they leave graphic arts and silkscreen printing and blossom in plastic creation. Vincent expresses his imagination mainly through oil painting and drawing, exclusively in his studio. Italo, always on the subject, pursues his contemplation of the landscape, his wonder in front of nature, and goes from oil painting to wash through watercolour, tempera, lead pencil or sanguine, here charcoal.

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Chapel and ruin in the lière