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Italo De Grandi | Undated
Oil on canvas | 45 x 32 cm
Period 1969-1984: The beauty of the world
Inventory IDG-765 | Private Collection
Photo L'Atelier De Grandi
Retrospective I. From Grandi to the Jenisch Vevey Museum 1993


Artistic features


Alley in the holm oaks

Marvel at the nature of the foliage and branches of holm oaks.

"How moving it is, when contemplating the works of Italo De Grandi, to grasp the moment when the conscious process leads to the state so ardently sought after, the state of grace, where the painting no longer represents a subject, but where the subject itself - landscape, still life or other - corresponds to the pictorial intention and the sensitive expression that is given to it! »
François Vaudou, Exhibition catalogue p. 101


Fractal orchestration

Italo orchestrates the multiplicity of the elements of this scene (leaves, branches, branches, trunks...) into a symphonic tapestry, where rhythms of shapes and colour chords are in harmony, both in the whole and in the smallest details.


Oil on canvas

Keys full of momentum, inscribed in the rhythm of the whole painting, as well as in that of its smallest details.

"The technique [of oil painting] remains traditional, smooth and fine, with a great suppleness of touch, a delicate refinement of matter. »
Georges Peillex, Exhibition catalogue p. 46


Palette 10 colours Next to the mison
Dominant: 9670502

A range of tones very close to each other, remaining in the same family, as in the same harmonic key.



1969-1984: The beauty of the world

With the independence gained for their children, Italo and Vincent also find their own: they leave graphic arts and silkscreen printing and blossom in the plastic arts. Vincent expresses his imagination mainly through oil painting and drawing, exclusively in his studio. Italo, always on the subject, pursues his contemplation of landscape, his wonder in front of nature, and goes from oil painting to washing through watercolour, tempera, charcoal, lead pencil or sanguine and is initiated to sculpture in wrought iron.

Related artists:

Paul Cézanne

Although less systematic, the touch of Italo in this work reveals a similar intention to certain works by Paul Cézanne, where the structure is generated by the geometrisation of the touch, and much less by the composition.
Paul Cézanne, The Avenue in Chantilly, 1888

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