The Promenade

Italo De Grandi | Undated
Tempera on wood | 38 x 61 cm
Period 1929-1939: Juvenile Impetus
Imaginary | Landscape
Inventory IDG-756 | Private
Collection Photo L'Atelier De Grandi


Artistic features


Horse-drawn carriage ride in an imaginary landscape

Here we are well anchored in the landscape that dominates the whole and becomes the main subject of the work. Carried by the carriage, the spectator is comfortably carried along the way in the exploration of strangely feminine hills, where modernity operates with comical intrusions.


Central Perspective | Geometric Volumes

Italo creates here a central perspective of volumes so geometric that they become symbolic. The horizon is conventionally placed at eye level and the vanishing point is exactly in the centre of the painting: the result is a strong sensation of absorption of the gaze, made more comfortable by the presence of the carriage in the foreground.


Tempera on wood

This is egg tempera: colour pigments are added to egg yolk, forming semi-covering colours.


La Promenade 10 Colour Palette
Dominant: 10784372

These are the colours of the hills of Piedmont, the region of origin of Italo De Grandi's parents, where he spent many holidays as a child with his brother Vincent.



1929-1939 : Juvenile Impetus

A steady hand and life ahead of you open up all the prospects that are invigorated by the advent of innovative artistic currents. This is the time of freedom and daring. Full-length portraits, allegories tinged with symbolism and futurism, celebrating cultivated nature, in a kind of mysticism of immanence.

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The Promenade