Fisherman on the banks of the Loire River

Italo De Grandi | 1950
Gouache on paper | 28.5 x 45.5 cm
Period 1940-1968: Silkscreen and Holiday
Inventory IDG-738 | Private
Collection Photo L'Atelier De Grandi


Artistic features


Stormy sky threatening a fisherman casting his line in the Loire River

Imminent drama of bad weather on the verge of overturning the gentle tranquility of the sandbanks on the banks of the Loire.


Horizontality | Wave parallelism


Gouache on paper

In this holiday work, gouache was chosen for the ease of its application on the subject, outdoors, as well as its covering properties, which allow it to establish the necessary contrasts between the dark accents that the heaviness of the storm makes clouds and shores take on.


Dominant: 13091240

Two contrasting and distinct colour ranges: that of the sky and water, and that of the sandbanks.
The touch is frank, reminiscent of Gaston Vaudou's works; the flat tints are wide and sober, reinforcing the threatening atmosphere of the scene.
Gaston Vaudou : Morning on the beach at Dourveil
Gaston Vaudou, Morning on the beach at Dourveil
1952 Oil on canvas 33.5 x 46.5 cm



1940-1968: Silkscreen printing and holidays

The war-torn world changed the world and challenged its societies and their culture: Italo started a family. He nourishes it by continuing to draw and create, i.e. by becoming a graphic designer and setting up a silkscreen printing workshop with his brother. But as soon as he's on holiday, he takes up his creative vein again from one day to the next. The result is a flowering of luminous gouaches tinged with the happiness of the painter finding brushes, palette and easel. Here in France, on the banks of the Loire, where his master and friend the painter Gaston Vaudou invites him and Vincent to stay in his house in Champtoceaux.

Related artists:

Gaston Voodoo

Before and after the war, Italo and Vincent were students of the painter Gaston Vaudou, who welcomed them in his studio in Chanterive, his residence next to Villa Le Lac De Le Corbusier, on the shores of Lake Geneva in Corseaux. From this master-student relationship, in the traditional sense of the term, a great mutual affection is born.

"Both of them carried within them this kind of quiet but enormous joy, so necessary to corset the talents received at birth and which one wants to push to their accomplished term: the elder, Italo, strong of his convictions and diligent, the younger, Vincent, whose inventive fantasy was already said to lead him later on to other paths.
To the souls of the master and his two students, the heavy Grammont opposite weighed heavily. They worked happily on the shores of sweet Lake Geneva, but their heavenly homeland of painters was elsewhere, beyond the mountains. The De Grandi's palettes were a natural match for the Voodoo palette, which was inspired by the light and horizons of his native Touraine and reminded them of the light air of their original Piedmont."
François Vaudou, Exhibition catalogue p. 95

Historical events:


The painter Gaston Vaudou invites Italo and Vincent to come and paint on the banks of the Loire, now that France is accessible again.

Social facts:

1950s: before the pollution

In this work, the Loire and its environment is still intact, fishing as it was in the 19th century. Environmental concerns are still far away.

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Fisherman on the banks of the Loire River