Cabins at the beach

Italo De Grandi | Undated
Gouache on paper | 40 x 46 cm
Period 1940-1968: Silkscreen printing and holidays
Landscape | Landscape with architecture
Inventory IDG-596 | Private Collection
Photo L'Atelier De Grandi


Artistic features


Beach cabins on the Adriatic Sea

5 p.m.: arrival at the beach of Marina di Ravenna on the Adriatic Sea. The cabins, motionless, give a glimpse of their secret garden: the empty beach, inviting the passer-by to come forward to share the immensity of the sea and the evening breeze.


Movement from one plane to another

The foreground composed of two beach cabins dominates and conditions the entire composition of this work. The cabins, each with its own dimensions and character, considerably hide the second plane (the beach and the sea), leaving only a fraction of it visible (less than a third of the width of the painting) and thus inviting the eye, by their precise position in the central perspective, to go beyond their protective barrier by advancing on the beach, which extends from the first to the second plane without interruption.


Gouache on paper

In this holiday work, the gouache was chosen for the ease with which it can be applied to the subject, outdoors, as well as its covering properties, which allow it to establish this contrasting atmosphere of late afternoon sunshine with large, bold shadows.


Palette 10 colors Beach cabins
Dominant : 9268829

A choice of Mediterranean colours, with a close relationship between the tones of the cabins and those of the sea, contrasted by the beiges of the sandy beach.



1940-1968: Silkscreen printing and holidays

The war-torn world changed the world and challenged its societies and their culture: Italo started a family. He nourishes it by continuing to draw and create, i.e. by becoming a graphic designer and setting up a silkscreen printing workshop with his brother. But as soon as he's on holiday, he takes up his creative vein again from one day to the next. The result is a flowering of luminous gouaches tinged with the happiness of the painter finding brushes, palette and easel.
P. De Grandi and M.-O. Vaudou, Exhibition catalogue p. 18

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Cabins at the beach