Maya Boisgallays

Interior landscapes

In partnership with Fondation Ateliers d'Artiste

Maya Boisgallays has pursued a career as a printmaker and painter in France, Switzerland and elsewhere.

Her work is held by the Bibliothèque nationale de France, among others, and most of it has been deposited with the Fondation Ateliers d'Artiste in St-Maurice (FAA), which is a volunteer partner in this exhibition.
Presented in 2013 at the Maison Visinand in Montreux, the artist remains little known in Switzerland. The exhibition Maya Boisgallays "Paysages intérieurs", organized by the L'Atelier De Grandi museum, should bring her the recognition she deserves.

The exhibition catalog, the first monograph devoted to the artist, will complete the display, with texts by Maya Boisgallays, Walter Tschopp, exhibition curator and FAA curator, Stéphanie Vernet, art historian, Konrad Von Arx, editor of the art magazine Trou, Philippe Kaenel, art historian, Maike Delarive, niece of Maya Boisgallays, Claire Koenig, painter and friend of Maya Boisgallays.

from april 18 to october 27, 2024

Thursday to Sunday
from 1:30 to 6:00 pm

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children up to 18 years of age free of charge

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Maya Boisgallays: portrait of the artist

(Montreux *1949)

Maya Boisgallays was born on May 14, 1949 in Montreux.
A 1975 graduate of the École des Beaux-Arts de Lausanne, painting section, she continued her training in engraving in Salzburg, Geneva and Paris at S. W. Hayter's Atelier 17, then at Joëlle Serve's Atelier 63. She works in engraving on linoleum, wood and especially copper (burin, etching, black manner, etc.), lithography, drawing and painting (watercolor, gouache and oil).

In 1979, she married French composer Jacques Boisgallais (1927-2021). She
adopted the variant Boisgallays as her artist's name. The couple live between Paris and La Tour-de-Peilz.

Since 2020, she has been living at the Fondation Gambetta in Clarens.

She writes:

[...] I was born in Switzerland. And I was born in a very, very beautiful landscape. I was born on the shores of Lake Geneva, opposite the French mountains, and I think that structured a lot of my vision of things and my inspiration. And there was a lot of gray, contrary to what you might imagine. It's not the south of France, and it's a very, very rich, bluish range of greys, and I was very influenced by that, to arrive... at the end, to do a lot of black and white. I've always wondered why, and we don't have many bright colors. So this sky, this rock gave me a lot of structure. [...]

Antony Comino Elles 4, Association animation culturelle de Couzeix, 2015.
Video : at 11 minutes 50.

[...] Engraving became for me a discipline, an excitement, a dynamic, a daily risk-taking. This rigorous, physical work, demanding tension, requires conditioning, a ritual renewed every day. The mastery of gesture and the positioning of lighting are of the utmost importance. Like the violinist tuning his instrument, sharpening the chisels is the first necessity before positioning yourself with your whole body and finding the angle of attack that will accompany you as the work progresses. It's only then that a feeling of liberation
overcomes you. Copper becomes the field of all possibilities. The gesture takes you through spaces of light, like a skier tracing pure curves on the snow and lacerating the landscape, penetrating it with force, speed and assurance. [...]

Maya Boisgallays, "Boisgallays", Nouvelles de l'estampe, 230 / 2010.