Maya Boisgallays: Trees II

Maya Boisgallays

Interior landscapes

from april 18 to october 27, 2024

Thursday to Sunday from 1.30 to 6 pm
Chemin d'Entre-deux-Villes 7
1802 Corseaux s/Vevey
021 922 43 43


Aspart ofthe exhibition
MAYA BOISGALLAYS Paysages intérieurs

June 2:

by Walter Tschopp, art historian, curator of the Fondation Ateliers d'Artiste



Guided tours

Aspart ofthe exhibition
MAYA BOISGALLAYS Paysages intérieurs

June 23, August 18,
September 15, October 13:

by Claire Koenig, painter,
President of the Association des amis de L'Atelier De Grandi


Autumn Series


An unusual duo

Sunday May 7 at 5:00 pm


Con Piacere Trio

sunday, november 12, 5:00 p.m. :

Sergei Rachmaninoff
Felix Mendelsohn

Sunday, December 17 at 5:00 p.m. :

Dmitri Shostakovich
Clara Schumann


Collection archiving the exhibitions of the two brothers

Born in vevey, settled in Corseaux, the painters Italo and Vincent De Grandi are inseparable. They share the same vision of the world and of painting, while expressing it in a distinct way.

Italo 1912-1988
Vincent 1916-2010
Italo : Celestial harvest
V De Grandi : The passage of the train
Exhibition from April 19 to July 1, 2018.
With the Wilhelm Gimmi Foundation

Born in Zurich, Wilhelm Gimmi moved to Paris in 1908. In 1940, he is forced to return to Switzerland: he chooses Chexbres, where he will paint until the end of his life. His works are kept in many museums in Switzerland and abroad.

W. Gimmi 1886-1965
W Gimmi: Cahors
Exhibition from 6.9. to 29.11. 2018
By the ACM and Archizoom of EPFL

In preparation

International style villas on the Vaud Riviera

Plans, drawings, photos and models of numerous projects show the major importance of the Lake Geneva region in the development of modern architectural and aesthetic sensibility.

From Le Corbusier in 1923 (Villa le Lac) to Alberto Sartoris in 1939 (Maison-Atelier De Grandi), including the pioneering architects Henri Robert Von Der Mühl, Dubois & Favarger, René Bonnard, Jack Cornaz, Alexandre Ferenczy and Hermann Henselmann.

Paintings by the De Grandi brothers illustrate the pictorial context of this period and their more Italian than national inspiration.

Exhibition: Inhabiting Modernity
Exhibition from 11.4. to 18.8. 2018
With the Casimir Reymond Foundation

Rediscovery of Casimir Reymond's paintings, eclipsed by his monumental sculptures, as well as his constant search for drawing, since his early childhood, as a support for his painting as well as for his small-format sculpture, in search of a real presence essential to his art.

C. Reymond 1893-1969
C Reymond: Cherry blossoms
Chemin d'Entre-2-Villes 7
1802 Corseaux / Vevey

By public transport from Vevey station.
By car from the motorway

Open from Thursday to Sunday
from 1.30 pm to 6 pm

tel 021 922 4343

The Villa Le Lac, Chaplin's world and the Jenisch Museum are nearby.

Regional Emblem of the International Style

Built in 1939 by the architect Alberto Sartoris for the painter Italo De Grandi and his family.

Open to the public as a museum in 2017

House-workshop 1939
House-workshop 2017
Highlighting built and cultural heritage

In the house-workshop, a class 2 (regional importance) historical monument, the museum highlights Swiss artists who, like the painters Italo and Vincent De Grandi, are no longer or rarely exhibited.

Lectures and concerts enrich the cultural context of these exhibitions.

Inauguration of the museum

Founders of the museum, Pierre and François, sons of Italo De Grandi, created in 2016 the Association of the Friends of L'Atelier De Grandi, a non-profit, tax-exempt institution of public interest. Its committee is voluntary.

Its members contribute to the perpetuation of the museum's built (the house-workshop) and artistic (exhibitions, conferences and concerts) heritage, as well as to that of its website. They benefit from reduced rates and other advantages.

Public and private institutions

Since its opening in 2017, the exhibitions presented at L'Atelier De Grandi have been made possible mainly thanks to the support of public and private institutions, to which we are deeply grateful.


The companies that support us, in the form of project or long-term sponsorship, are mentioned on all the museum's visuals and publications and benefit from preferential rates.

Jo Gundry: Japanese Flower

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Opening of the exhibition W. Gimmi 2018

The site is online!

Welcome to L'Atelier De Grandi! The website is finally accessible: discover the current exhibition, the collections, the upcoming events and support the museum!

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